Curriculum en línea creado por

Jose Luis Oróstegui Becerra

Senior Editor


I have 15 years of experience in post production within which I have participated in national and international projects of a journalistic, entertainment, contest, telenovelas and television series. Among which are: 

- El Desafio (Colombia) 

- La Isla (Mexico) 

- One minute to Win (USA) 

- Los Infiltrados 

- Cinco Viudas 

- La Ruta de la coca


I have 5 years of experience as Concept Editor at Caracol television in Colombia, in which my tasks are: 

- Design the post production process interacting with production to achieve a smooth development of the process in the shortest possible time 

- Administration of personnel and resources in post production 

- Take conceptual decisions for the correct narrative of the project 

- Coordinate with management the resolution of scenes and situations on the set 

- Coordinate with graphics for the inclusion of graphic pieces 

- Coordinate with advertising material required for the different promotions of the projects  


These processes are carried out from pre-production to final delivery to the required emission or distribution platforms.  


Projects in which I have been responsible for post production:  

- Laura La Santa Colombiana 

- Las Hermanitas Calle 

- Manual para Ninjas 

- Cuando vivas Conmigo 

- Loquito por ti 

- An honest bandit 

- Contigo Aprendí

- Sueños de Gloria



Within these processes I have had to carry out processes with international platforms such as Netflix through IDC NY.   


Participate as a film editor and first cut in the LOS AJENOS FUTBOL CLUB film. This participation was made with SEVEN WEST FILMS